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Due to difficulty breathing, the patient's sleep becomes restless, accompanied by loud snoring.

The patient's condition is satisfactory. Consciousness is clear. The position is active. The physique was correct, in appearance corresponded to the passport age. Anthropometric data: height 172 cm., weight 64 kg., asthenic type of constitution.

Skin integument. Normal color, clean and dry. Nails of oval shape, brittleness and deformity of nail plates were absent. Visible mucous membranes of pale pink color. Subcutaneous fat layer was poorly developed.

The following groups of lymph nodes are palpable: behind-the-ear, submandibular, axillary, inguinal on the right. The other groups of lymph nodes are not palpated. Palpated groups of lymph nodes are painless, elastic, not fused with surrounding tissue.

Muscular system
Palpation of individual muscle groups was painless. Muscle strength was satisfactory, tone was preserved. Active movements were in full volume.


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Bone system
The bones of the skull, thorax, pelvis, upper and lower extremities have no visible deformities, are painless on palpation and percussion, no foci of softening in the bones were found. The joints were of normal configuration, the skin above them was of normal temperature and moisture. Curvature of the spine to the right in the thoracic region was detected. The lumbar lordosis was smoothed.

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Respiratory system
The nasal passages are clear, and there is no nasal discharge. The thorax is barrel-shaped. Elasticity of the thorax is preserved, vocal tremor in symmetrical areas is equal.

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On percussion the boundaries of the lungs: place of percussion right lung left lung pericardial line 5th intercostal space midclavicular line VI rib anterior axillary line VII rib VII rib middle axillary line VIII rib VIII rib posterior axillary line IX rib IX rib scapula line X rib X rib periorbital line at the level of XI vertebra XI vertebra

Crenig's fields on the right - 6 cm, on the left - 5.5. cm. On comparative percussion over symmetrical parts of the anterior, lateral and posterior surfaces of the lungs there was a percussionally clear pulmonary sound. Breathing over the entire lung surface is vesicular. Bronchophony was preserved.
Cardiovascular system There was no visible pathological pulsation of the neck vessels. The heart area is unchanged. Palpation of the cardiac area. The apex thrust: localized in the fifth left intercostal space 1 cm inside the left midclavicular line is positive. Normal resistance is 2.5 cm wide. Percussion: boundaries of relative cardiac dullness.

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